One of the newest features to come to TopTekkers is the Leaderboards function, which will allow you to view how your players are performing each week.


Leaderboards have a filter function that enables you to set certain parameters such as age ranges, specific challenges and time periods so that you can see how different players are performing. You can even select difficulty levels in order to see which of your players are the top performers at each level. The filter function can be very beneficial for planning future challenges and ensuring the continued development of your team.

Adjust your IDPs

Dependent on how certain players are performing, you can adjust your Individual Development Plans for these players accordingly by setting them suitable challenges given their rankings on certain leaderboards. For instance, if you can see that some players are topping the leaderboards for challenges with a lower difficulty you can adjust their IDPs to include more difficult challenges so that they are pushed to improve their abilities even further.

If you want to learn more about how the leaderboard function works and how you can use them effectively to further improve your team's engagement on TopTekkers then get in touch with our sales team and book a walkthrough webinar today! Email

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