As we move into the summer months it’s important that players keep active and stay engaged in football. The TopTekkers Summer Training Plan is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

What is the TopTekkers Summer Training Plan?

The TopTekkers Summer Training Plan consists of a series of weekly challenges that players are notified about through their mobile device, incentivizing them to stay fresh over extended periods away from the training field and to get ready for Pre-Season.

The Six-Week Plan has been designed by USSF A Licence and UEFA A Licence coaches to help coaches to ensure their players are practicing their skills and techniques while at home for the holidays.

How will it benefit players?

The hard work that coaches put in all season to make sure players stay active, and understand the techniques required to play football to their full potential, might go to waste if they don't stay sharp during their time away from the training field.

With the TopTekkers Summer Training Plan, players are more active, healthier, and ultimately better footballers. And we've made sure it's fun for them, too!

How can players get access?

Simple - the TopTekkers Summer Training Plan will be automatically available to all players who use the TopTekkers app.

If you want to gain access to TopTekkers then Sign Up here!